About Me

I've been dreaming up stories for a long time. From the tender age of six, I have enjoyed putting words on paper. Back then, they looked a bit more like squiggly lines, but eventually my handwriting got better. Just as I was starting to form words instead of zig zags, I moved in the second grade to Cleveland, Ohio from Wisconsin. I was always interested in fantasy stories even from a young age.

Baba Yaga was on my mind from a young age.

                                          My family at my sis' graduation.

Cleveland was an amazing place to grow up. As a writer, everywhere I looked, there were interesting historical monuments and buildings. The Lakeview Cemetery is just one of those places. It was styled to look like a Victorian graveyard with it's tall oak trees and rolling hills. It inspired me so much that I wrote it into one of my novels.

  A picture of Cleveland from the parking lot of a Hungarian restaurant. 

                                                      A picture of Lakeview Cemetery.

I grew up reading Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie and with a healthy dose of poetry from the local bookstore, Mac's. Mac's has basement poetry readings every week. They were a keyhole into the rich local poetry scene for me. I was so inspired by what I saw there, that I started making artist books to house my poetry and stories.

                                                  Mac's in the evening....

To see the poetry from this artist book go here. This book was called, Haiku with Two Sugars & Cream

After school, I worked a number of places. I taught art classes at the Cleveland Art Museum, and worked as an art teacher in the Cleveland Metropolitan school district. I even had a brief life selling wedding dresses. After a couple of years, I moved to Washington D.C. with my fiance, and I found my dream job: working in a library. I'd always loved books before, but now, I have an excuse to read tons of children's books. And then when I'm done reading, I get to write some books too. And that's the reason I started this blog. I love books. Reading them, writing them, I love it all. So this blog is for anyone who loves children's books as much as I do.

                                            My fiance, Jon and his fancy camera.

                 The Talent Show, a year worth of art from my students!

                 Reading a sonnet fortune at the Poetry Carnival at the library.