Sunday, November 11, 2012

Geektastic... Put this on your Christmas List for all Hardcore Nerds

I'd seen this book every time I passed by the YA section for about a year. But I am rarely, if ever, in the mood for short stories. Getting ready for a trip home to Cleveland, I was loading up my Nook with ebooks and came across Geektastic in the DC Library's online collection. "Ah!" I thought. "Short stories. Great for those abominable lines at airport security that make me shuffle around in my socks."

It turns out that this collection can cure more than just boredom while in stocking feet. It starts off with a bang, the first story beginning with a Klingon waking up in a hotel room, next to a Jedi apprentice. Oh yes, it gets better. How could someone have pieced together all the relevant bits of my childhood into one collection of short stories? I think the answer here is that I'm a Standard Nerd, and thus like Nerdish things and hearing stories about them.

I also enjoyed another story, where a cheerleader pays the AV Crew to tutor her in Nerd topics so she can better relate to her boyfriend, the video game loving school quarterback. It backfires of course with hilarious results that involve one or two Buffy references. I hadn't realized that Buffy made it Nerd Cannon, but this book proves it.

Either way, I highly thumbs up this book for any of your Star Trek, Star Wars, anime, comic book, or Lord of the Rings loving fans out there. They won't be disappointed. After all, I'm a nerd, and I'm passing on a solemn live long and prosper to this book.*

*As a point of order, Next Generation Star Trek, far surpassed Original Series and I am just using the reference because it fits.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I have to get several copies of this!! My son graduated with a tight group of friends who have been best buds since kindergarten and they are all WAY above average, so of course, they are called (affectionately) the Nerd Herd.

  2. So glad it was useful, Elizabeth! I was thinking in a couple of weeks of putting up a gift guide for some of the great books I've seen this year at the library :) So glad to hear your son has a dedicated group of friends who can share his interests. So many times, the nerds must graze alone.