Sunday, September 23, 2012

Batman At The Library....

It should be no secret now that I love superheroes, villains, and all things nerdy. So when I caught on to a local author who was doing a biography for the little known co-creator of Batman, how could I resist getting him to come into the library?

Previously, Marc Tyler Nobleman published another biography on the creators of Superman who hail from my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. Nobleman went on the hunt through Cleveland Library and The Western Reserve Historical Society for evidence for his project.

We decked out the library in Bat gear, with old snippets of comics, a bat signal with Marc's name on it, and a fully functional red laser beam book display. (Or as functional as red yarn can be as a substitute for laser beams.)

Behind the laser beam display, I stashed a treasure chest with a pile of Marc's latest book, Bill The Boy Wonder. The kids had to crawl through the tangle of "laser beams" to get at the books. The display was empty in forty seconds flat after Marc's talk to the kids. Remind me to remember that next time I put up a book display.

The talk really did spur on the kids to read the books. Marc talked about Bill's contributions to the original formulation of Batman's character, his writing career with Batman's stories, and we even got to see some early photos of Marc Nobleman dressed as a superhero.

I, of course, dressed up a bit for the event. How could I resist when Marc mentioned to me that Bat Girl's secret identity was as a librarian?

The kids had a blast and so did I. Being the historical research nerd that I am, I loved all the details about how he found the information he needed. And thus, somewhat bittersweetly ended my last program at the Palisades Library. But still, a nice way to go out. :)


  1. AGAIN, why weren't you my librarian when I was a kid? And/or, why don't libraries do this for adults?

  2. :) Thanks Libby! Lol, I can just picture the red laser book display, and adults, glasses askew and rumpled button down shirts.