Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh, Those High School Dances! Blog Hop

Blog Hop time! I've been waiting all day to get home and write this post. Sorry for the lateness of this post for anyone who turns into a pumpkin before midnight.  Thanks to Kelley and Emily for hosting The Oh, Those High School Dances! Blog Hop. For this post I will be shamelessly indulging in a trip down memory lane. I'll drag you along kicking and screaming too.

And the dance I've chosen to tell a story about is........


Yes. That's a bouquet in my hand. And no, I wasn't getting married. My date (not pictured) and boyfriend at the time, happened to be the Italian exchange student at school. I believe he was thinking something along the lines of: more is better. 

It was a nice thought, and it went well the dress.... which I made. (Should I pause here for dramatic effect?) ............. Yup, in Home Ec that year, our teacher told us we could choose anything as a final project. She was slightly skeptical when I told her I wanted to make my own prom dress. But with rhinestone straps and chiffon bell sleeves, it turned out in the end. Even if I had to rip out the zipper three times.

I completed the ensemble with a fake tan that very distinctly ended in a brown ring around the end of my chin. My date found this distinctly amusing and proceed to remind me of it, several times during the evening. In case you're wondering, we're not together anymore.

But the person is in this picture is my fabulously awesome foreign exchange sister, Maca. She hailed from Chile and was bold enough to wear a dress from Hot Topic to prom. Maca is also the person who introduced me to the rather interesting metal band somewhat ironically named, "Kittie," and who first tried to inform me that my foreign exchange student boyfriend, was perhaps not a good match. 

Well, that's the end of my tale... I'm excited to see everyone else's stories and pictures!

Note: I didn't leave exchange boyfriend out of the picture out of some unresolved teenage angst. I just couldn't find a photo of him and I.


  1. I love Kittie :) Maca has good taste! hehe

    Nice picture :) Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. You made your own prom dress? That is so cool.

  3. Good for you for making your own dress! I love the bouquet. More IS better. LOL!

    Thanks for participating!

  4. I love that you made your dress! That is SUPER impressive :)

  5. You made your dress!?!? That's amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Omg, you made your dress? How fabulous is that???!

  7. Good job with your dress! You look beautiful, fake tan and all. :) And how cute that he got you a whole bouquet. :)

    (And, just a reply to your comment on my blog -- I did my makeup at my wedding, too. After the experience of "getting it done" for that dance, I did my own from then on. Good choice!)

  8. I am so envious of crafty people!!! I can't make a pillowcase much less a prom gown! You go look awesome...can't even see the brown ring on your chin.