Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Author of The Near Witch Comes Out With a Treat For Readers

Every once in awhile, you get an author who honest-to-pete, loves writing, loves her fans and wants to give back to the community of readers. Victoria Schwab is one of those authors. Her most recent book, THE NEAR WITCH, is a refreshing twist on the paranormal YA novel. Near Witch takes place in a small town on the Moor, a town that never gets strangers. But then one day, a stranger comes, and it changes things forever. Schwab's mother is British, so no doubt she was inspired by her background, as the Moor becomes a character in the story.

Today, THE NEAR WITCH comes out in paperback. But in addition, Schwab is releasing a free story on the publisher's website telling Cole's story, the mysterious background of a major character in Near Witch. It answers the question, "What happened to Cole before he came to Near?"  You can find the story here in pdf format for free:


I hear the paperback version has preview chapters of the next book, THE ARCHIVED as well. So if you love witches, rolling English countryside, star-crossed lovers and a strong female lead, head on over and take a look.


  1. so many good books...so little time! But I will add this to the list!