Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everybody Loves a Good Pirate...

I don't need the collective five year old boys of my library to tell me how cool pirates are, luckily I can figure some things out for myself. I have always enjoyed a good sea faring yarn, (perhaps it's the parrots, I've always loved parrots.) So when Mary Quattlebaum told me that her next book was an adventure of two rival pirates.... how could I resist.

It's a special day when we get an author to visit the library, I think it's great inspiration for our readers, (and young writers). And when it comes to an author that's as passionate about her work as Mary, I knew it would be a great experience for the kids. Luckily, Mary was willing to come to the library and talk about her new book, Pirate Vs Pirate.

The night of, she even showed up with her husband. He was dressed in full pirate gear right down to a classy, silver belt buckle. Mary took on the name of, "Captain Q" and her husband was called "Crabclaw". Captain Q started out with instructing us in a bit of pirate lingo. For those interested in pursuing the great field of pirate speech, see the Talk Like a Pirate Day website for more detailed instructions.

A number of the kids were highly enamored with Crabclaw. At one point I saw him comparing boots with another girl who came to the event dressed up like a pirate. All the pirate lingo, and swashbuckling attire really helped pull the everyone into the story. Although it's a bit tougher to read wearing an eye patch. I did discover that.

Two theatrically minded audience members acted out the parts of the story as Mary told it. Pirate Vs. Pirate is about Mean Mo and Bad Bart, two rival pirates. They decide to have a contest to see who is the best pirate. Of course, tasks worthy of a pirate would only do. They swam with the sharks and threw cannon balls. I certain that I would have been stuck on the first task if I was competing to be a pirate. I would have been looking for my googles while they were swimming with the sharks. But for the night, Mary made me an honorary pirate, and dubbed me, "Captain Jess."

And it all ended with some cupcakes. We always have to have cupcakes... I think it's the signature dish of Washington D.C. Every good program ends with a cupcake. And in this case, it ends with an aargh too....

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  1. Let me just say that that is completely awesome. That's so cool that she and her husband dressed in pirate gear. So cool.