Monday, March 21, 2011

I won a Poetry Contest!!!

Spring is coming, bees are humming, and I'm sure one of the first things you're thinking about doing this weekend is riding around in one of those bright green Arlington Transit Buses. No? Well you'll miss some good poetry. I just found out I'm one of the six winners of the Arlington Moving Words Competition for 2011. My poem, "The Musician's Suitor", was selected for display on buses in Northern Virginia along with the other winners. And what better place for a poem than in a free moving vehicle? It's almost better than a book. It's also slightly ironic in a way, since I'm organizing a community poetry scavenger hunt at the library, and I'm trying to stick poems out in the open for that too. Anyways, if you don't happen to frequent the Virginia Transit Authority, they also posted the poem on their website, here.

Or, you could come and hear me read my poem at a reading featuring the winners at Iota Club and Cafe in Clarendon, on Sunday, April 10th around 6pm. I go there regularly for their sunday poetry series, and even if you aren't moved by my poems, there are plenty of other word bending poets there.


  1. Wow! Has no one posted here to congratulate you? Here I was biding my time, not wanting to be the very first and all. Oh well.