Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Star Wars Origami Day

I am in a Star Wars mood today. But dressing up with socks on your ears as Princess Leia can do that to a person. The kids at the library have been doing some origami at school, so I thought for Art Club, we'd do some Star Wars Origami. I got most of the plans off Strange Case of Origami Yoda website, online hub for the famed Strange Case of Origami Yoda. I also did some searching online and found millienium falcons, and X-wings. I even found a rudementary Chewbacca. But there was one character from Star Wars that I was shocked to find did not make it into origami online fame. (At least not as far as I could tell from google searches.) Seriously people, Princess Leia was awesome, how could you forget her??? Didn't you run around the house when you were eight with bagels on your ears like Miss Piggy? Or was that just me? Hmm... either way, as I was making plans for origami with the kids, I came up with my own version of some star wars origami....

And Princess Leia! (I think her buns actually turned out better than my sock buns on ear muffs... Vote in comments for which hair buns are more true to the Leia style.)

The kids had a blast, making Darth Papers (The Sequel to Strange Case of Origami Yoda!) and my version of Princess Leia... I posted some of their efforts below. Some of the pictures I can't post because the kids are entering them in the Origami Yoda Darth Paper Contest.

Okay, so this one isn't Star Wars... it's the smallest origami Fortune Teller that I've ever seen. One of the girls folded it, (and sadly lost it in the threads of the carpet). In this picture, she's holding it in the palm of her hand.
Yoda goes for a vacation... he looks very relaxed to me...
After a long day, my Darth Vadar and Princess Leia decided to have some fun.

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