Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anatomy of a Writer's Desk....

Although I write a lot of places such as coffeehouses, the easy chair by my fiance's desk (when he forgets to turn the heat back on,) or even the lobby in our apartment building, sometimes I do actually get around to writing on my desk. And today I started looking closely at all the separate organs of my desk. What makes up a good writer's space? The Guardian has a posting with photos of famous writers workspace I decided to take various amateur photos of my workspace and analyze it.

This is my writing desk

Every writer needs some inspiration. I have an old asian vase from my grandma and nesting dolls. My mom used to have some on the shelf at our old house, and they always make me think of Baba Yaga, fantasy's greatest villain. So depending on your genre, having something to set the mood might help the flow of the pen. The chi balls are just extra... something I use to think when I'm stuck...

Laptop and tea. Yes to be a writer, you need some type of writing implement. I used to pound it out on an old manual typewriter, but now that I'm writing mostly novels and not as many poems, I've switched to a mac. At least the ribbon doesn't get twisted on these.

Ominous pile of papers. Really this is more to impress the rest of the household with your advanced literary skills more than anything else. I keep a steady stream of drafts in progress, plot synopsis, bills and the occasional parking ticket to bulk the pile.

Not every writer has this, but plants are nice. They're like the mascot of the writer. This particular bamboo plant has extra fame in my house as it's the only plant I've managed to keep alive for more than a month. Currently, it's about a year and a half old.

So I hardly ever get around to sitting down at it, but when I do, having a writing space is nice.


  1. I am pondering the great piles and low action on my desk today. I have it crushed by so many other things and the desk is just a thick piece of glass held up by two Ikea bookcase/box holders with 4 openings each. I face the back of two more bookcases. So I appreciate your sharing of your space. I, too, work with the lap top and have the printer on the desk. I will try to figure out a way to get that less space consuming.
    Thank you for your post. It served as a better lesson for me and one that I can get a more appealing space to help me write more.

    Chris in Tucson, AZ

  2. You seem to be doing a very good job...Keep on writing!!!