Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten Places Not to Hide your Manuscript...

I'm sure it's happened to you before. When you finally have been looking at a story or novel so long that you can't remember what was special or interesting about it in the first place. You convince yourself there are tons of other alien turned gym teacher stories out there. Why would your story be special at all? So it's time to hide it. In light of this time honored tactic giving a writer much needed perspective on their project, I have made a list of the top ten places not to hide your manuscript while you're getting some distance from the story.

1. The Dishwasher- Sad to believe but not even the pot scrubber cycle can edit for you.

2. Between the seats on the Bus- I've been here. Hoping that someone will pick up your manuscript and exclaim at the undiscovered genius held within. Possibly they'll even pass it on to their editor friend. It's better to save such fantasies for the query letter.

3. Right on top of your desk - You can see it every single day. And it will taunt you like those little reese peanut butter cups during lent.

4. The Cereal Box - In the morning I am not generally in a complete state of consciousness as I stumble around the apartment. So for anyone with a similar early morning state, you may just eat your words and your prologue of you're not careful.

5. Under the Couch Cushion - I've lost keys under there. It's a inter-dimensional portal to another realm under there. Unless you really hate your manuscript, this is not a good place for it.

So hopefully these cautions will help you in that daunting escapade they call editing. Although it's important to get some distance from a project, make sure it's not too much distance. Don't give up on a story, you never know how it may look to you tomorrow.

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