Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Got To Be In A Kids' Comic Revolution Podcast

It's been a crazy summer. (I know it's September, but it's still warm here in DC, so I'm going to just lump it into the summer.) I went to ALA, the National Library Conference in Chicago this year, and had a number of adventures that included meeting Darth Vader (he's taller than you think,) and illustrator, Cece Bell, who's art I really enjoy in books like BUG PATROL and BEE WIGGED.

    But one of the coolest things that happened, was that I got to be in a podcast. Little did I know, there's a huge world out of there of interesting podcasts in the literary world. I'd first come across them when BBC Radio 4 did a radio production of NEVERWHERE, one of my favorite Neil Gaiman novels. So to be in a podcast? That was pretty awesome. Even awesomer, (yes it's a word, it's in so it must be,) it was a podcast talking about kids comics, run by graphic novel masters, Jerzey Drozd and Dave Roman. They even have a whole range of other podcasts like Comics Are Great and Thunder Punch Daily. Thunder Punch had some good tips for writers, so check it out if you get the chance. If you're interested in hearing my somewhat stuttering voice, you can check the podcast that I'm in here. If you're interested in other literary podcasts, try It has a handy search that can be used to find  podcasts on pretty much anything. And let me know if you find any good ones.


  1. Are my eyes deceiving me?! Is this a new blog post:)

    Congrats on the podcast by the way!

  2. Yup, it's not a glitch... I actually got around to posting. Hopefully there will be more coming in the future as I get the swing of the fall. Thanks for checking in!