Monday, February 25, 2013


Today, I was in a poetry mood, so I booted up a poem for this week's post. Perhaps it's all the novel editing... I'm feeling like dipping into something else. Hope everyone has a great week!


Give me a restaurant
where forks are scarce,
where chopsticks are piled high
in a lacquered box,
where ordering is a matter of pointing
to a random image on the menu
 and hoping for the best.

Next to me,
a grandmotherly lady
 smiles with a nod.
Her chopsticks are placed
ninety degrees to a neatly creased napkin.
I watch as she takes out a plastic pouch
with hand sanitizer and Q-tips
preparing for her bowl.

The noodles come and
she twirls them gracefully
from chopstick to spoon
the soba noodles flick
 in an intricate dance
from bamboo mat 
to ceramic spoon
to mouth
a soba noodle warrior
with grey hair
horn rim spectacles.

And then,
she's reached the bottom of
the blue and white porcelain bowl
  getting up quietly,
before I even get a few noodles
stretched to my mouth.

I spin the soba round my chopsticks
as I would with spaghetti and a fork.
They slip off
like the collar of a shirt falling off a shoulder,
perform a cannon ball into the salty duck broth,
splashing green onions to the side of the bowl.

Maybe it's the struggle
but they taste better 
when they finally 
get to my mouth.


  1. Beautiful. And it reminds me that it is lunch time. ;)

  2. Now I want Chinese food. Ah well, I'll just have to make due with leftover meatloaf.

    And I totally go through phases during novel edits where I decide I'd rather be a painter.

  3. That's interesting, Rena. Do you like to paint in acrylic or oils? Perhaps the leftover meatloaf could be eaten with soy sauce? Or maybe not...

    Elizabeth, hope you had something good for lunch. I just cooked up tomorrow's lunch.. some chicken curry with peppers and rice.

  4. Replies
    1. :) Thanks so much, Sharon! I always enjoy the daily poems on your blog. A great way to start the day.