Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Holidays Around The Library...

Things have been crazy around the library for December. We're taking a programming break for the last two weeks so we stuffed it all in the first two weeks. Here's a sampling of some of the things I've been up to.

The Lantern Workshop.... We have an awesome park with a hill right behind the library. I had this crazy idea that I wanted to light up the hill with lanterns made by the kids. There are tons of winter cultural traditions that involve lanterns and light... Chinese Ice Lanterns, Hanukkah menorahs, and Saint Lucia wreaths being some of many. I posted information about these traditions on the wall of the program room with pictures, Christmas cookies and supplies for the lanterns. There's only one thing I didn't count on.... I needed children to make the lanterns. Sadly, at my new branch I'm still learning about the community and as it turns out, it's impossible to get kids to come out after 5:30. I was truly touched when beyond the few kids that showed up, many of my coworkers came down and made lanterns, so we were still able to light up the hill.
It looked pretty with Georgetown Lights down below...
Some of the lanterns on Book Hill...

The Snowy Day Celebration.... Give me any excuse to read Ezra Jack Keats' Snowy Day and I will take it. We did this program on a Saturday and had some nice attendance. We did a feltboard, All You Need For a Snowman story as well, (by Alice Schertle,) and finished it off with some cheese snowmen and pipe cleaner snowflakes.
Building a Snowman...
A finished pipe cleaner snowflake

The Holiday Helping Party... Another crazy idea on my part. A party where the kids would complete crafts to be donated afterward. Greeting cards for the local nursing home, dog treats for the Washington DC Rescue League and cutting the fringe on scarves for S.O.M.E, (So That Others May Eat.) We didn't have that many kids, but I was touched that the tweens traded their youtube computer time to come in and make greeting cards for the nursing home. (Or could this be because I told them they could eat their snacks in the party room?) Either way, still fun.
Translation: "Happy Holidays"
Our Finished Dog Treats

So, I hope you're all having a great holiday out there... what's your favorite way to celebrate the holiday with young readers? 


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  3. I fill an advent calendar with a little game or craft for each night in December. The kids love it...even the older ones.

  4. I like reading a Christmas theme book with my Lil' Sister :)