Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fun Election and Voting Reads...

So it was Election Day yesterday. And regardless of how you voted, I'm sure the kids in your sphere have a lot of questions about voting and the election, and the presidency. So, I've unearthed a couple of picks for curious readers when these topics come up around the breakfast table, on the way to school, or while you are on that important phone call with your boss. (When questions like these so often come up.)

First up is, So you Want To Be President. Written by Judith St. George and Illustrated by David Small. The illustrations are really key here. I think particularly in nonfiction books, engaging illustrations can determine whether a book is effective or not. Small's illustrations are engaging, as St. George brings out the quirks of each of the presidents, engaging her audience in the topic, it brings alive the information for young readers.

Next up is Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally) by Lisa Yee. This is not strictly a presidency book, but I think it goes a long way to explain how elections relate to readers. Bobby, the main character is running for class president, and ends up running against longtime friend and girl, Holly. But hilarity ensues, along with some disastrous results as they get deeper in the election. How far will Bobby go to win?

Duck For President by Denise Cronin. Again, not a strict literary pick for the election. However, why shouldn't duck be president? I often wonder whether he is Democrat, Republican or Green Party. Either way, this book while hilarious, does contain facts surrounding actual elections. Duck has a hilarious journey, from unseating Farmer Brown to Governer, a tirade that's sure to entertain any reader.

Fake Mustasche by Tom Angleberger. What does facial hair have to do with an election? You might ask. Everything for Casper, a young enterprizing boy who buys himself a "man-about-town suit," and a fake mustasche made of real human hair. Casper, you see, is bent on taking over the world, and he's starting with the local election. I loved a video that was up on Tom Angleberger's site regarding the election a couple of days ago. You can find it here.


  1. I loved Duck for President! I miss the days of the really good kid reads.

  2. I agree! Cronin is a really awesome author. I love how Click, Clack Moo is still relevant.