Sunday, September 2, 2012

Darth Vader and Son

Coming to a Daycare near you!
The depth of the extended Star Wars universe is mind boggling. The other day I read comments on a blog post that argued about who Princess Leia married. The debate went on a good two pages, citing information from all the respective movies and then the extended universe. Clearly, Star Wars has a backstory for every character. Even Greedo. Who knew Greedo had a backstory?

This week, I ran into the one backstory that I'm sure doesn't exist anywhere in the extended universe. But it's too hilarious to ignore. A book of one panel comics by Jeffrey Brown, Darth Vader and son illustrates the somewhat interesting relationship between a sith lord and his four year old son, Luke Skywalker.

The panels take famous Darth Vader quotes such as, "pray that I do not alter the deal any further," and place them in situations that any parent, (and child) can readily recognize. The ominous whining four year old who is ready to go, on the brink of a tantrum and far from his light saber welding years.... paired with the time honored Vader quote, "I find your lack of patience disturbing." This entire book is laugh out loud hilarious and I dare anyone to read it and not laugh. Perfect for any Star Wars fans in your life. So here's my question for today: what is your favorite Star Wars moment/ character?


  1. That is incredibly cute. I just recently watched the first three star wars movies (first ones released, not 1-3). Favorite moment, Vader's reaction after killing Obi. He looks so confused.

  2. I love any stories involving Star Wars :)