Monday, July 30, 2012

Honeymoon in Bali and The Law of Change...

At Tanah Lot
Do you ever come back from vacation and feel the overwhelming need to make a change? I've often noticed this about vacations. When I get back, sometimes I look around me at the situations and things that I was embroiled in only a couple of weeks ago. They all seem so strange. It makes me wonder how I lost myself and my identity while I was adjusting to life around me.

 I had this feeling when I got back from my honeymoon in Bali, just in general about life in DC. There's this intense energy in D.C that it's hard not to get swept up in. Sometimes it's a good thing... it's productive and invigorating. But along with that energy comes this huge plague of consumerism. This constant need to buy the newest and best thing. Now I will admit to doing a huge amount of souvenir shopping while I was on honeymoon. Heck, I even ended up bartering for sarongs when I was trying NOT to buy one. But the one thing I noticed when I came back is this constant pressure to buy things. It's distracting. And it takes up so much time too. Just checking my email, I had about four personal emails and a couple of writing business emails, but all the rest of my emails were nothing but junk ads and pleas to buy things. How much time do we waste in a day dealing with ads? It made me want to change my outlook.

Getting Ready for Scuba Diving
It's ironic in a way. While Jon and I were in Bali, we did the standard adventure stuff.... ATVing, mountain biking and scuba diving (where we discovered that I have an irrational fear of breathing underwater.)

But we also tried to learn more about the rich culture in Bali. One afternoon, we hiked up the side of a valley and to the Dalem Segara Temple. I don't think it's in the guidebooks. The "Deep Sea" Temple is a small temple nestled in the top of a hill. Jon and I met the Temple Keeper, who gave us a "spiritual talk". He talked about the law of cause and effect in Hinduism and the idea that change is always happening in the world and it needs to be embraced.

Don't worry, I'm not going all Eat, Pray Love on you guys. I liked the Temple Keeper because he reminded me of my childhood pastor and I think he had a lot of wisdom. But I'm not in the market for a religion change. Besides, his name wasn't Ketut. But I still think change's role in our lives is an important thing to think about. Is change our friend, or enemy?

I thought about this yesterday when I went back to work the first time after the honeymoon and found a major change waiting for me. As I was packing up my desk, it got me to thinking, that there are two ways to deal with change. You either rule the change or you let the change rule you. There can be opportunities to have new experiences in situations that seem absolutely frustrating beyond belief. Don't worry, I didn't get laid off, but they did move my position into the adult room and out of the Children's Room. If you've been paying any attention on this blog, you know that I love the kids and write CHILDREN'S novels, so hence this change is not particularly welcome. But who knows... maybe I can start a board book club for adults, right?

Hope everyone's been having a great summer, and just in case you're curious, I'll post about my wedding next week. Don't worry, I'll find someway to relate it to writing....missed you guys while I was on vacation!


  1. Looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are fantastic pictures and points. Thanks for posting!

  3. I love these pictures! I agree with you about change, but I always have a problem executing my good intentions. Congrats on your wedding :)

  4. Congratulations! And I agree about the ads and the consumerism. I had the thought many years ago when I quit work to be with my kids. I had to say good bye to a lot of "things" to make losing the income possible, but the slower life was well worth it.

  5. Only one correction, Jess: fear of breathing underwater is totally rational! =)

    It looks like you guys had an amazing trip and you are ready to take on DC life again with a vengeance. Rock on.