Monday, May 21, 2012

A Poem from My Memory Banks... Dandelion

I'm feeling nostalgic today with the wedding coming up. So sadly, you'll all just have to deal with my sentimental reminiscing. Chalk it up to an emotion bride/writer/poet. Also adding to the trip down memory lane, I visited the Gaithersburg Book Festival this weekend. I had a blast hearing an interesting talk by adult author, Stewart O'Nan, meeting children's mystery author, Sheela Chari who's crafted a caper involving a disappearing Indian instrument, the Veena. And what book festival would be complete if I didn't hear words on hilarious Tom Angleberger's latest book?

 But some of the most fun I had was hanging out at the Poetry Coffeehouse tent. A tent that was almost completely dedicated to poetry all day. It was almost like being back in Cleveland. And as I found out afterwards, one of the poets, Richard Peabody used to read in Cleveland at my favorite local bookstore. We started talking about the great community of poets in Cleveland, and it made me think back to some of my older poems. So today, I'm just posting a poem.



For what purpose
do you wait?
your face
tilted up to the sky
like some ancient stargazer.

Do you imagine feats
in constellations?
Deities colliding in centuries?
Do you dream
of threading your golden feathers
into currents,
and drifting as a bird?

Or are you content
to interpret the stars?
Reading the soft creases
in palms
of children who pluck you,
employing stardust
as tea leaves
scattered in the curled 
palm of the sky.

Or do you simply,
the feathered wisps of old age
and the day,
you will rejoin your celestial kin.

-Jess E. Stork


  1. Beautiful Jess. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I never found a home for this one, so it's nice to have someone appreciate it. :)

  3. I liked it all, but this moment was gorgeous "employing stardust
    as tea leaves"