Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Getting To Know Your Characters... Through Facebook...

 Go ahead... admit it. When you first meet a guy, you go home and look him up on facebook, don't you? Checking up on his hobbies, favorite movies, whether or not he happens to be an axe murderer.

The best thing about facebook, other than the fact that it has achieved coveted verb status, is that this medium gives you a opportunity to get a portrait of a person through one little neat profile.

As a writer, I think it would be great fun to use facebook for character development. After all, I've heard of fake twitter accounts posing as characters, why not get some literary advantage out of social media?

For example, I'm going to profile one of my characters below, to illustrate the idea.

Name:   Tim Blackmore

Work and Education
Employers: None, and there probably will never be any with rate his villain studies are going. I'll be lucky to make henchman
School: Grimwood Academy for Villains

Political Views: I follow in my father's footsteps and proclaim anarchy and monarchy to be the only two true political policies available 
Favorite Quotations: The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears this is true. -James Branch Cabell

Arts and Entertainment
Music: I enjoy records when my gramophone doesn't conspire to eat them
Books: Sigh... I don't read much but textbooks, "The 13 Classic Evil Plots" or "Basic Evil Gadgets, and How to Use Them To Take Over the World"
Movies: Movies are for commoners without ambitions to take over the world. Or that's what my father says anyways.

Activities and Interests
Activities: Eradicating my Mutation Science Lab Grade... and not on purpose
Interests: Not Failing

Basic Information
About You: Will I ever be evil enough?
Relationship Status: Disappointing son of an evil villain
Networks: Grimwood

What would your character's profile look like? What would they tweet?


  1. I love it! It makes me sorry for your character but there's lots of room for personal growth.

    1. Hope you had a good trip, JoLynne! Enjoyed those pictures on your blog of your travels.

  2. Awesome post! my current wip...she'd never do facebook...a fierce protector of her privacy. Heroine in Past Due...which is coming soon...Jenna would be one of those people whose son set her up a page and she never remembers to check it.

    1. :) Looking forward to Past Due! Where can I pick up a copy when the time comes?

  3. Thats a super creative idea! Leni probably wouldn't have a facebook, or a twitter. Problems with writing medieval fantasy I guess.

    1. Leni's a bit of a loner anyways. She'd probably be anti-four square too.

  4. What a good idea. It scares me to think of my characters on Facebook, but I'm not sure why.

    1. Would these be your characters in that lock people in air tight water tanks? I shudder to think what would happen if they ended up in online dating.

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