Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Poem....

I  was doing a bunch of cleaning today at the apartment while I was feeling stuck with my novel. I came across one of my old poems, so I thought today in lieu of a post, I'd post one of my old poems; for nostalgia sake.

                                Saviors In White        by Jess E. Stork

        The line snakes past the twinkies and Krispy Kreme,
       where customers
        victims assaulted by the heat
        wait patiently in line
        hot, moist strands pressed against their heads.

        The cool, white counter,
        where ladies with spectacles
         saviors in white
          survey the crowd
         taking stock of damages.

        The children
        reflections of glass and sherbert in their eyes
       the men
       grey and peppered leaning hard against their canes
       the women
       fanning brocheres against the sweat beading on their foundation

      The spectacles nod quietly at the wilted crowd,
      behind a pyramid of cookie cones
       take them one by one
       and ask calmly,
      "what'll you have, Sweety?"