Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Bones of the Holy...Gilda Joyce is Back Again

I'd like to take a moment to gush about a great local author in the DC area. Jennifer Allison's newest book just came out. Bones of the Holy is the latest adventure of Gilda Joyce, the Psychic Investigator. Not only is Gilda a spunky and highly entertaining narrator, but she is also a talented sleuth as well. Her flare for outrageous disguises and interesting fashion choices paint her story with an extra layer of humor. In addition, Gilda is constantly on the lookout for signs of psychic activity.

In Bones of The Holy, Gilda's mother has gotten engaged on a short vacation to St. Augustine, Florida. Gilda is suspicious of her mother's mysterious fiance who lives in an antique shop. He calls her mother weird nicknames like "Patty-Cakes" and seems to genuinely like her mother. But worse than that, her mother doesn't even wait for Gilda's approval of her new fiance before planning a quick wedding a few weeks later.

When they arrive in Saint Augustine, a town known for its rich ghost history, Gilda is overwhelmed with the exciting ghost stories around her. Maybe moving to Saint Augustine wouldn't be so bad after all. But when weird things start happening to Gilda's mom, Gilda is forced to wonder, is she about to star in a ghost story herself?

The fantastically humorous character of Gilda always keeps me laughing, and I loved the bits of local legend and lore that peppered this book. When I read Allison's books, it always feels like I'm visiting the place, since they have such details about the setting. A great read for mystery lovers and anyone who has a special affinity for cat eye glasses.


  1. It sounds pretty cute/fun. :)

  2. I've just discovered your blog, and I love it! This particular post about Jennifer Allison and her Gilda Joyce makes me want to run out to my library and check them all out!
    It was fun seeing you last night at EuroKids Festival. À bientôt !

  3. Gilda Joyce is a lot of fun, and she's a local author as well. Even more fun. It was great seeing you at the SCBWI conference, Jane. Hope all is going well with your writing!