Sunday, August 21, 2011

Writing Warmups?

I'm afraid I haven't posted in awhile. Things got a bit busy at work this summer, and I had some house guests too... so time slipped away. Lately it seems like it's tougher to find time to write, and get into my writing groove. Does anyone else have that problem over the summer?

Normally, I have set times to write over the week, and a routine to sit down. Generally, I need three things to get started writing.
1. a cup of something hot
2. notes or an outline
3. be half awake

I start out either with a sentence in my head, or by googling some concept I'm going to write about. Sometimes seeing images in particular or doing research helps me get into the story more. And when you're in the middle of a novel, it's particularly a good idea to get into the story before writing. I've heard a lot of people say they should just write until something good comes out. It can be useful, but I find research is an easier way for me to warmup. How do you warm up for writing?


  1. Generally I just re-read the last few pages of what I wrote last. Gets me in the mood and reminds me where I was going.

    The something hot to drink is a must.

  2. I do that too sometimes.. but then I've found it just makes me stall... so I've gone to picking a scene out of the outline and starting with a fresh page...somehow that's easier for me.