Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter Feast....

It's been a Harry Potter week for me. This weekend I subjected my friends to a Harry Potter marathon of Deathly Hallows to celebrate my birthday. Earlier this week, we had a Harry Potter Feast at the library. Emphasis on the feast part. My coworker and I had no idea how many people to expect. Seeing as how it was a Thursday night, we were thinking thirty five people maybe... the most we've had for a program during a Thursday evening. And then, one hundred and fifty people showed up. My coworker and I first got an inkling this might be the case, when people started calling in and asking about the program. We looked at our menu of Shepherd's Pie and Butter Beer, and decided we would need to up the ante.
Two days later, we emerged from the kitchen with pumpkin pasties, Jelly slugs (gummy worms), rolls with butter, Shepherd's Pie, mixed vegetables, butter beer and my coworker even whipped up a pot of spaghetti. In the end, we had a bit of food left over, just enough to let us know we'd made enough.

For the feast, kids were seated at tables according to house. Our manager dressed up for the occasion and sorted kids into houses with a sorting hat, so they would know where they were sitting. They pulled stickers with the house crests out of a cauldron to find out which house they would be in for the evening. And yes, there was a Slytherin table. The kids really got into the spirit. Several of them were wearing costumes and carrying wands. They proceeded to jump around the library shouting, "expecto patronis" at the bookshelves. Who knew that dementors like the poetry section so much? Certainly not me.
After dinner, everyone left for the various classes and stations we set up. First off, as a library, we had to make a Restricted Section. We pulled a bunch of Fantasy and Harry Potter materials for the display, and set up a tent on the carpet area. We added a table with paper draped over it for a tunnel and embellished with devil's snare. As a last minute addition, my coworker threw twisted newspaper inside the tent and tunnel with the books, so it would crunch as the kids were crawling through it. I am happy to report that some of the books were checked out that night.
For the classes, we held Flight Instruction, Tea Leaf Reading and Potions Class.

I put together Potions Class, using known ingredients in the Harry Potter Universe to make up a potion for Felix Felicius, since the ingredients are not given in the books. I included, Essence of Belladonna, Leech Juice, Powdered Moonstone, Scarab Beetles and Runspoor Eggs, (which the kids informed me looked suspiciously like pop rocks to them.) And yes, at the end everyone drank their potion.
I made potion textbooks the week before, including my made up ingredient list for Felix Felicius, Polyjuice Potion, a Glossary of some ingredients in the Harry Potter world, and a page for the kids to make up their own potion, (which I gave them as homework at the end of class.) We had fun, and got Leech juice all over everything, including some of the textbooks, which was sad to me considering I hand dyed all the pages in tea, but at least they enjoyed it.

Next to the Wizard's Chess, the Young Adult librarian conducted a tea leaf reading classes. Afterward, I peeked in the cups and found something shaped like a grim... luckily it wasn't my cup.

Outside on the lawn, my coworker, Colleen was having Flight Instruction. She wrangled a couple of brooms and set up an obstacle course for the kids. At the end, she hung golden snitches in the trees. They conveniently had a lollypop center. My favorite was the feathers, they were all colored and caught the dying sun rays as they hung in the trees.

All and all, it was a memorable evening, and a nice end to the Harry Potter saga for us. I would like to believe that things will quiet down at work after this, but I have a feeling that won't happen.


  1. That sounds AWESOME. Where were librarians like you guys when I was a kid?

  2. Lol, I think we should point out that there wasn't Harry Potter when were kids either! But thanks for the compliment :)