Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Word Art Attack...

I love Art Club at the library because it follows a general pattern. I tell the kids what we're doing for the day. We have a discussion or exercise, usually involving (surprise) a book, and then they do something completely different. And as I tell them when they ask me if they can change what they're doing, my standard answer is: "I'm not grading you, so you go where your creativity takes you." And as long as their creativity doesn't take them into paint on the ceiling, it's generally a good day when that happens. I've always been amazing at how they take a project and make it their own.

Last week, we were doing a visual poetry theme, so it was time to whip out the magazines and scissors. I cut out words, ala magnetic poetry style, and the fun began. The kids found words they liked and started rearranging them into poems. Twenty minutes in, we were to the point that puddles of words were gathered in circles around the kids on the tables. Every couple of minutes, someone would call out, "do you have 'queen' or 'stylish' ?" By the time we were done, they had bookmarks of words, laminated in plastic with glossy magazine images staring out between the text. Awesome. I encourage anyone to steal this idea for your classroom. It's a great way to have fun with words!

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