Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What If my Favorite Book Characters went wedding dress shopping?

A friend of mine pointed out to me that I never write about how my wedding experiences have affected my writing. Well, aside from penning a very heart wrenching mystery kidnap story set in a bridal shop, where a ring bearer is kidnapped and a bridal sales associate must unravel the bridal mayhem to find the culprit... really nothing else came to mind.

And then last Saturday, I went dress shopping. I know this image draws to mind champagne, ball gowns and little feathered hair fascinators. However, I am not that kind of person. While I like dresses and would like to look nice on my wedding day, I'm adverse to spending a huge amount of money that could be put to better use elsewhere. (Such as with my addiction to Agatha Christie Novels.) The Sales Associate though had the cunning of the Big Bad Wolf. She inserted small comments in the right places such as, "but what if it's "the one"? You'll always be wondering if you never try it on." A short, crisp woman, she had all the lines down pat. So fifteen minutes later, I found myself trying on a $1300 dress, that I might mention was well out of my price range. And as I stared into the mirror at a dress that didn't look half bad, I found myself wondering: how would my favorite book characters find wedding dresses?

First, I thought about Cimorene from Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede. As a girl who refused to sit around and learn to curtsey and embroider, Cimorene also struck me as someone who would also scoff at the traditional colors of white. Also, I think she would need a dress that could comfo
rtably accommodate a dagger, or carrying buckets of soapy water for vanquishing wizards, would be somewhat useful as well. Luckily, I've come across a dress like this.

This dress came from a bride on the Blog Offbeat Bride, who was a fan of video games. It's got enough of an edge for Cimorene I think, without messing up her ability to cook for the dragons.

Pippi Longstocking, I also

remember as a rebel. With her trademark crazy braids and striped socks, she'd probably draw attention to her hair and turn the socks into a classy statement.

This ensemble is from Canada.

Nancy Drew was too busy solving crimes to bother with a wedding dress. I would imagine her forgoing shopping altogether and showing up in her usual getup. Then when someone gets murdered at her reception, she'll be all set for crime detection.

Perhaps I'm being influenced by the wedding drama... but thinking about this is refreshing. After awhile, a lot of the dresses in the store start to look the same. So perhaps I just need a headband and some striped socks to spice up the ole wedding outfit. (Hopefully, my sister is not reading this.) I did actually end up buying a dress, but that is top secret at the moment. :)

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