Thursday, March 31, 2011

Princess Leia makes it to the Big Time....

I was mightily surprised when the author of "Strange Case of Origami Yoda," offered to put up my Princess Leia on his website. Honestly, if you're going to have your five minutes of fame in life, having it be about a Star Wars Origami figure, is not a bad way to go. You can click to see Princess Leia on his site here.

Sadly, I'm still working on directions for Princess Leia Origami. Work has kept me a bit busy lately planning for Poetry Month at the Library. (Hint here: I love poetry month, so I go a bit crazy.) So between the Haiku Easter Egg Hunt, The Poetry Carnival, The front window poetry display and the Community Poetry Scavenger Hunt... things have been a bit crazy. But I'm hoping to get some instructions done soon, and then they might go up on his site too! Exciting stuff.


  1. Fun Spring, eh? Congratulations again. This time I'm not waiting, perhaps I will start a trend instead.

  2. Lol, too true. You and Robin reminded me at the meeting tonight, that I need to spend more time reading other blogs as well to be participating in the blog world...