Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Knee Bone Boy

Can I post about a book that I thought would be fantasy but turned out not to have anything to do with fantasy? I loved the Kneebone Boy by Ellen Potter simply for the reason that so many crazy ironic things happened and all of it ended up having a perfectly logical explanation. Awesome.

In addition to the intriguing charades of these lovable children, the characters themselves were very interesting. Otto, Lucia and Max were distinct characters each with their own motivations. Otto with the scarf that always remained around his neck, Max who still tried to make friends at school despite all the rumors flying around town about his family. Or even Lucia who seems hardened to the whole situation, but just maybe has some feelings somewhere underneath. Out of the fun dynamic of these three characters comes one of the real interesting points of this book. One of the children is narrating this story. However, they don't identify which one is narrating, leaving the reader to guess the narrator's identity.

Underneath this interesting dynamic, there are a wealth of other exotic characters contained in this book as they hunt for their long lost mother. The slightly gothic and curiosity feel to this book makes it a good book to curl up with on a rainy day in October. I've enjoyed Potter's other books with Olivia Kidney, but this one really hit the spot. If the spot was on a six legged dog with one eye that is.

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