Saturday, April 17, 2010

It Feels Like a Haiku Day...

Looking outside at the lovely cloudy weather here makes me think about poetry again. It's poetry month and I'm visiting Cleveland the home of independent community bookstores like Mac's Backs and comfy poetry readings in basements. There's just something about the acoustics in basements and sitting on a creaky folding chair that somehow makes poems better. Suzanne, the owner of Mac's Backs always updates me on the poetry scene when I come back home for a visit. Right now, the storefronts are lined with posters of the Coventry Poetography project, a collection of photography and poems inspired by the community. Sadly, they were sold out of the books at the store. It was fun to sit and scan through the back shelves of photocopied and handmade chapbooks that line the walls. The perfect place to be during poetry month.

So in honor of National Poetry Month and great independent stores like Mac's Backs, I've added in some of my photos from the woods and silhouettes and some haiku poems that I've written.

damp red envelope

drifting through puddles to drain---

valentine wishes

ink of unseen hand----

the wavering tendrils of

creeping grapevine

sparrow follows the

fickle glance of warm sun---

a branch quivers

bumble bee torso

hovers on glossy berries---

necklace in the sun

forgotten driftwood

plays games with the tide

all day in the sun

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