Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The ipad Conundrum

The ipad is out. And I've been hearing from friends that are smitten over the new features. I can feel my typewriter seething on the shelf at this new impostor. (Yes, I own and occasionally use a typewriter.) I had to wonder when I first saw the ipad if the engineers had forgotten to stick on a keyboard. But of course, there's an on screen keyboard to save room. Well, I hope it's better than the on screen keyboard on my boyfriend's iphone that spits out five q's whenever my finger clearly hits the "a" key once. Give me a solid set of keys any day. It changes writing; not being able to have the grooves of the keys underneath your fingertips and I don't think I'd be able to take it.

However, I did watch a video that Penguin Books put out on possible Children's ebook publishing on the ipad and I have to say the interface was pretty cool. It almost changed the format of Pat The Bunny with these pages where you shake or turn the ipad to interact with the image. It was kind of interesting. But as they asked you to color spot in on one of the pages it makes me think: is it still a book? I mean what is the purpose of a book? Is it to hold a story or engaged the child? I think there's great potential for textbooks and other nonfiction books in the ebook format. But I have to wonder, will books like Good Night Moon have the same silent impact in ebook format?

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